Jumanji: Finish What You Started!

Based on an illustrated book by Chris Van Allsburg, Jumanji is a family adventure movie worth the watch! Not only does it star our dearly departed Robin Williams – who has raised generations of children in laughter since the late 70’s – it just has an awesome concept and a whole host of beastly fun. Plus, after watching this, you’ll never have to remind your kids to finish anything!


1995, PG

In this 1995 film adaptation, a young lad (named Alan Parrish) and his friend Sarah play the mysterious Jumanji board game in 1969. Tragically, a bad dice roll sends real-live bats spewing out of the fireplace, who trap Alan inside the game—for 26 years. Unaware of the game’s powers, a brokenhearted young Sarah watched as her friend disappeared.

Flash forward to the present day and there are now two orphans, Judy (Kirsten Dunst) and Peter (Bradley Pierce), living in Alan’s old home. They discover the antiquated board game and pick up play. Little do they know that the actions in the game come to life. They release Alan from his prison (now a grown man) as well as a host of dangers from rhinos to monsoons.

The jungle creatures wreak havoc. And Alan? After being released, he returns to his hometown as a shaggy haired, dirty, middle-aged man… but he’s not entirely free… He’s forced to play along with the two kiddos to free the town of untamed beasts and restore order. Skeptics Judy and Peter don’t want to continue – after all, the game is causing huge property damage, transforming their neighborhood into the wilds, and there’s a savage poacher on the loose!

Still, they continue – with the trio enlisting a shocked and older Sarah to help. Will they last long enough to finish the game? Or will Peter’s new snout and tail be too much for them to handle? Join the gang in this action packed adventure to find out how the game ends!

A Fun Family Flick

Jumanji is as unique as it is fun to watch. A clever concept and dynamic cast makes this flick non-stop entertainment. While the special effects might look silly and unrealistic to an audience today that’s spoiled with insanely realistic graphics and an overabundance of CGI…They still get the job done!

With non-stop action packed adventures, and new beasts at every corner, this one will leave you hanging in suspense! A fun flick with a dash of romance, Jumanji teaches young viewers the importance of teamwork and friendship. Grab the family and enjoy this movie about the wildest board game ever played. You thought landing on “Go to Jail” was bad? Check out Jumanji!

What’s your favorite family adventure flick for movie night?

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Lindsey Velasco
LOVE this movie!