Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas from Green Kitchen Stories

Getting your family (and yourself) off on a healthy start is important, but mornings can be so… bonkers. You haven’t eaten in at least eight hours. You know your bodies need and deserve something more nourishing than a bowl of cereal or a frozen waffle. But there is just no time to slave in the kitchen making everyone wholesome meals before rushing out the door!

Good news: Luise and David, the creators of amazing recipes and equally wow-worthy photos on their blog, Green Kitchen Stories, have our backs. Not only are they health-conscious vegetarians, but they are also parents (they are currently preparing for baby number three!) who strive to make healthful meals kids will enjoy.

They share oodles of breakfast and brunch ideas, many of which are quick to toss together, and some that you can even prep the night before. All of them are decidedly healthful and distinctly delicious, along with being vegetarian. Most can be made vegan and are even gluten free as well. The following are some faves your bunch will be sure to enjoy any morning of the week:

Raw Cashewgurt Bowl


This creamy, dairy-free yogurt substitute is full of protein and fiber. It tastes terrific too. The beauty of this recipe is that you can make a massive batch on the weekend to dole out and top during the week, or as David and Luise suggest, pre-fill mason jars with the creamy goodness and your kids’ favorite toppings in advance for grab and go healthful breakfasts or snacks.

Keep an assortment of nutritious, delicious toppings on hand for this great go-to morning meal. Mix-ins such as diced fresh or dried fruit, granola, nuts or seeds, honey and shredded coconut will encourage your bunch to fill up before they start their day.

Fat Almond Pancake

Pancakes are a beloved breakfast for children and grownups alike, but who has time to whip them up and flip them out on a Wednesday morning?

This puffy, fluffy breakfast dish solves the problem of making individual pancakes. You simply whisk the simple ingredients together, pour the batter into a dish, and pop it in the oven while everyone is getting ready.

When it is time to eat, slice it up, serve it, and top it with appetizing extras, such as fresh sliced fruit, wholesome jam, or real maple syrup. You will especially appreciate this dish if you or any of your progeny needs to nix gluten. With the inclusion of almond flour and buckwheat flour (which is gluten free, despite containing the word “wheat”) this meal is gluten free and packed with protein.

To save even more time, mix the batter the night before so it is ready to bake. Alternatively, you could even try making the dish ahead of time and reheating individual portions as needed.

Raw Buckwheat Walnut Porridge

Goldilocks won’t have a chance to get her hands on this porridge because your bunch will quickly gobble it up.

Although most of us typically serve porridge (such as oatmeal) hot, this dish is raw, which means there is no cooking or warming involved. Instead, buckwheat groats (again, gluten free even though there is “wheat” in its name) and walnuts soak in water overnight.

In the morning, after they are drained and rinsed, you toss the nuts and the groats into the blender along with fresh green apples, orange juice, cardamom, and vanilla for a sweet, nutty, slightly spiced mixture to scoop into a bowl.
Just as you might do with the yogurt, set out bowls of scrumptious toppings such as berries, nut butter, cacao nibs, honey, dried fruit, and coconut flakes so that everyone can create their own favorite breakfast bowl.

With so many easy and nutritious breakfast options, there’s no reason for grumbling tummies even on the busiest of mornings.

Which of these healthy breakfasts by Green Kitchen Stories will you try out first? Share your own quick & easy breakfast recipes with us!

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