“Ready to Pop” Baby Showers When You're Looking Overdue

So you’re scrambling to throw a baby shower but you can’t seem find the right theme. Time’s running out; you need to plan something ASAP ‘cause you’re ready to pop! Wait– that’s it! A “Ready to Pop” baby shower is perfectly fitting! If you think about it, things that pop are the most fun– balloons, bubbles, and… champagne!

This sweet and spectacular Ready to Pop baby shower was put on by Operation Shower, an organization that hosts baby showers around the country for military moms....and they really don't hold back when it comes to planning a party!

As if the sweet treats aren't enough to get people drooling over the dessert table, the pretty pastel balloon display and modern, geometric setting is just as eye-catching.

There were plenty of cake pops on hand, popcorn, pompoms, and a bazillion balloons to carry the theme throughout.

We're loving the balloon displays. Such a great way to fill up the space with happy vibes for all.

But really, nothing beats the three-tiered Ready to Pop cake...a sweet and delicious way to show some love to those military moms. 

Katie Day of Katie Day Photography put this bash together for her bestie and captured some of the incredible details from the day. Such a simple idea, yet so clever and adorable! These invites from the baby shower are stunning and totally easy to recreate. A little balloon + a piece of string + a catchy line = one hilarious invite.

Love the use of polka dots, too!

Here’s the lovely spread, which features the party’s color scheme of pink, orange, yellow, and brown. Fun fact: She bought the sprinkle-print tablecloth and added the yellow trim on the end herself! 

Way to be dedicated to your theme! “Ready to pop” indeed, especially with all this popcorn! Not just plain old popcorn, mind you, there are 3 flavors to choose from (caramel, white chocolate, and classic butter). Check out the confetti-print sign, which perfectly matches the main table cloth.

This cupcake display looks just like a bouquet of flowers– and those petal-shaped liners are seriously gorgeous. Again, more of that stunning confetti via sprinkles.

Wash down all the sugary treats with even more sugar. Beverage of choice? Soda POP. Because dedication (to one’s party theme) is a virtue.

Here’s a fun bubble-themed baby shower thrown by Jessica Kirkland of Pen + Paper Flowers. She selected the color scheme of turquoise and yellow by referencing Pantone’s fall fashion report. Talk about keeping things in style!

Yes, they did have popcorn. But you know what else they had? Mini. Whoopie. Pies. Perfect for popping in your mouth, as the lovely sign suggests. 

And before you start worrying about gestational diabetes, I have two words for you: POPpy seeds. See, it’s not always about sugary treats…

… wait, what were we talking about? I just got seriously distracted by these sweet-looking jello custard shots. Now the party’s really getting started! Hey-o!

And for party favors, round jars filled with bubble baths in the party’s color scheme.

BRB, making friends with this woman ASAP. 

Thanks for poppin’ by to check out our favorite “ready to pop”-themed bashes! If you feel like you’re ready to pop and still can’t think of a theme for your shower, well, it’s literally right in front of you. Make yourself a couple of jello custard shots and stop overthinking it!

What will your baby shower’s theme be? Share your ideas with us!

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