Your Holiday Gift Guide for Kids Who Think Science is Fun

For some kids, peeling back the layers to scientific discovery is just as fun as unwrapping a Christmas present...if not more so. And they just as much enjoy pondering what’s inside the Earth’s core as they do what’s inside that candy-cane patterned package.

For kids who love investigating all things science-related, there’s nothing better than a gift that acknowledges their passion. But we’re not talking run-of-the-mill science kits and microscopes… we know you have all that. We’re talking gifts that also resonate with your kid’s funny side. Because concepts from traversable wormholes to infinite mobius strips wouldn’t be possible without a playful spirit, right? So here are some of favorite picks for scientists with a sense of humor:

What’s cuter than a microbe? Well, nothing really if these pins from Roocharms are any indication. Perfect for the little biologist in the family, they’re a fun and stylish way to declare a penchant for science. Other science-themed accessories in the shop include DNA, atomic, molecular, and anatomical printed pins.

A tongue-in-cheek gift for your future medical practitioner, Cosmic Ginge makes this adorable anatomical play set. A far cry from those overly explicit medical models, this silly sloth version makes dissection….well, just darling. With no scalpel required, getting down to the soul of a sloth has never been more fun.

Why play with plain old blocks when you can get to know the Periodic Table? Definitely the only time you’re going let your kids handle the likes of arsenic or mercury, Uncle Goose’s colorful block set is a fun way to get to know the elements. Bright, bold blocks are printed with atomic names, numbers, and symbols. If you want to go for stability, then heavier elements on the bottom, ok?

For girl scientists who love Ms. Frizzle but have to settle for Barbie, a fashion makeover is in order. Custom couture from Two M Doll Shop is sewn with the premise that brains = beauty. In addition to this mathematically patterned number, you can find outfits that feature atoms, molecules, elements, and chemistry kits.

For mad scientists who like to play as much as they like to invent, Cubelet sets are thinking toys designed for robo-fans. Kids can draw on their own creativity and problem-solving skills to build thousands of different robots simply by snapping bits and bobs together. Each creation will have its own personality and set of behaviors. Pair them with Cubelets Brick Adaptors and your kids can add LEGOs for extra details and artistry.

The Prehistoric Air Plant Dino Dood is a gift that showcases the beauty of extinct species as much as living ones. With a live air plant hitched onto the back on this paleontological find, it’s fun for both dino fans as well as little botanists who can witness plants growing outside of soil.

No self-respecting science kid can go through life without an Einstein pal to guide them through the mysteries of relativity. The Mini Mez collectible plush will be loved by crib-bound babies and lab-bound physics fans alike.

A computer that anyone can make, the Kano Computer Kit is great for mini engineers. But it’s so much more than just a simple building kit. Once built, Kano introduces kids to basic programming languages, allowing them to learn real code (Linux, Python, Javascript, and Terminal commands) as they create their own games, art, music, animations and more.

We love this Marie Curie paper doll from Ardently Crafted. The only person to ever win a Nobel Prize in two different science categories, she comes with beaker full of radioactive isotopes that she can hold through a slit in her hand. A movable piece of art, it makes a great gift for any kid who loves science.

Geek chic in a stocking stuffer, Handcrafted HoneyBee’s Undeniable Chemistry is sure to spark some romance with that cute boy with the Bunsen burner. Each set has 4 lip balms in different flavors (honey, coconut cream, black cherry, and peppermint) that correspond to different neurotransmitters (serotonin, dopamine, glutamate, and norepinephrine). With fact cards on why each “brain chemical” is uber-cool, this gift is a sweet treat for smart lips looking to send some pretty special messages.

Tiny mints in a electrifyingly awesome tin, Nikola Tesla’s Experimints is just right for the mad scientist with death breath. Pop these shockingly-strong mint goodies, then keep the cool container to store your own genius ideas.

For a big-hearted DIY bot, Orpheus the Saddest Music Machine is one pretty cool invention. Kids get to puzzle together its laser-cut wooden pieces and then play with this light-up music box. Whenever you're little inventor is down in the dumps, they can hang with their new go-to companion who’ll belt out ‘The Cycle of Happiness’ in empathy. 

No stocking would be complete without a handful of sweet treats. Sparko Sweets’ Galaxy Lollipops are almost too cool to eat. But any stargazing astronomer would love getting these edible works of art. Made with all natural ingredients, these pops are a whole new way to enjoy the universe.

A spectacular way to get to know all things scientific, from atoms to zoology, The World’s Most Ridiculously Excellent Science Coloring and Activity Book is a science geek’s dream. Full of fun science facts, its activities are witty. Kids will get to know famous scientists, play with subatomic particles, grow cool stuff in petri dishes, and find their way through the Ph.D. maze. It's a fun conversation starter for budding scientists to really get them thinking about the world.

A great gift for geology fans, this Sparkly Prints mug is one even Charles Lyell would be proud of. It’s just perfect for sipping hot cocoa while your child ponders the various strata of sedimentary rock.

Gorgeous illustrations and cool space facts make this alphabet book a hit with any aspiring astronomer. G is for Galaxy: An Out of This World Alphabet Book is filled with great information on planets and constellations, astronauts, and rocket ships. Each letter is accompanied by a four-line poem as well as more detailed space facts so you can tailor your reading according to your child’s age.

Will you be getting your kids science-themed holiday gifts? What’s on your list?

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