4 Board Games That Teach Kids the Life Skills They Don't Learn in School

Children go to school to learn. They’re taught reading, writing, and arithmetic. But what about life skills? Do your kids know what it takes to make a major transaction, build an empire, or raise a family?

When homework is done and the school lessons learned, put away the workbooks and get your hands on these board games. You can get your children to learn a thing or two about life through these fun and educational games.


It might be the longest game in the history of the world, but Monopoly is one of the best games for teaching older children about money management (for ages 8 and up). They learn about investing, how buying and selling works, and just how much bang they can get for their buck. Furthermore, they can learn about the art of negotiation and the consequences of being fiscally irresponsible.

Clockwise from top left: Monopoly, The Game of Baloney, Pay Day, The Game of Life

The Game of Life

What better way to teach your children all about life than with The Game of Life? Suggested for children ages 10 and up, Life will give your children a peek into adulthood. They'll realize that owning a car, buying a house, and starting a family are all expensive rites of passage, and they might not feel the need to rush into any of them. They'll learn about money, making decisions, and what it means to be all grown up.

Pay Day

Do you feel like your kid needs a quick lesson in making ends meet? For kids seven years and up, Pay Day makes family finance fun. They’ll get a good sense of budgeting and maybe even get infected by the entrepreneurial spirit. The game is a fun way to teach children what exactly happens to a monthly paycheck and why you need to work hard to earn money. Will you make more than you end up spending?

The Game of Baloney

Can you tell when someone is lying? Learn how to look for tell-tale signs in body language and inflections in voice to figure out who’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes. Players read a random fact from the cards - and decide whether to tell the truth, a little lie, or a load of baloney. Can you keep a straight face in this fun bluffing game? And can you spot the mega whoppers? Practice hard and no one will call you gullible again! Great for travel and parties!

For your next family game night, try playing a game that will advance your children's education while also advancing your family bond. Are you ready to collect $200 for passing "Go?" (If only it was real money.)

What are some of your favorite classic educational board games? And do you feel like you actually learned something from them?

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