4 Creative Apps for Little Builders

Got a kiddo who’s obsessed with LEGOs, Magna-Tiles, K’NEX… maybe even Lincoln Logs? More power to them – they’re probably going to be an amazing architect/engineer/inventor – or at least a super elite Minecrafter.

The only downside to all these awesome building toys? They’re not that portable. So how do you expect your kiddo to build when they’re by the pool/on a horse-drawn carriage/in a plane/somewhere 100+ pieces of building toys isn’t really ideal to bring along? Through fun building apps, of course. Check out these fun apps your little builder will love: 


In LEGO City, you get to build everything in the city brick by brick. Keep your virtual citizens happy by completing missions and conquering mini games; expand your town by adding roads, shops, restaurants, fire stations, and more; build vehicles such as fire trucks, police cars, construction vehicles. The building combinations are endless. 

Unlock unique items for your town by fulfilling the wishes of your mini citizens. Observe their faces and tap on their thought bubbles to see what they need. This app will teach your little builder all about architectural design, layouts, dimensions, and all that jazz. The best part? No ads and in-app purchases!

Home Design Story

Perhaps your little one’s more of a designer rather than a builder. Download Home Design Story and let your child’s imagination run wild creating the home of their dreams. The app will guide your kiddo through the ins and outs of home design – literally! They’ll have a blast decorating the interior and exterior of their home with fancy wallpaper, beautiful art, exotic plants, and more.

The game starts off with two empty rooms, but as they progress and earn coins (through hosting sleepovers and accepting gifts from visitors), they can turn their home into a cozy cabin, elaborate mansion, sweet little cottage, ultra-modern pad, funky retro abode… whatever floats their boat. Have designer’s block? No problem! Visit your neighbors for some style inspo.

Once your creative work is done (for now, at least), hire some photographers, get some serious press coverage, and show off your decorating prowess! 

Toca Life: Town

Most building games can be too advanced for the tiniest tots – kiddos aged 3-6 will adore the simplicity (and adorable graphics!) of Toca Life: Town

You’re the mayor of your very own town, and you’ll be reigning over a whopping 6 locations (houses, police station, bakery, etc.) and 21 characters. Do silly things like flushing miscellaneous objects down the toilet, starting pillow fights, putting wigs and clown noses on everyone, and feeding the cops an absurd amount of donuts. The controls are very simple and the game is very easy to navigate.

Tiny Builders: Action Construction Site for Kids!

Tiny Builders: Action Construction Site for Kids! is another great app for young builders (recommended for children ages 2-6). If your kiddo loves construction sites, vehicles, and very dangerous equipment, they will go NUTS over this app.

As a parent, you’ve probably come to learn that your worst nightmare = the kids’ idea of a good time. This game will allow the little monsters to use all kinds of heavy machinery like the crane, digger, and bulldozer – and for once, you don’t have to keep hovering over them and screaming like a banshee!

Your kiddo will start off by customizing the look of their character. They’ll read architectural blueprints and uncover treasures hidden throughout the site, search for water using a humongous drill, transport rubble off the construction site, unload dump trucks and more. They’ll love the little details such as a little bird annoying the crane operator, or the builders dancing to radio songs. This game will keep them entertained for a looong time.

Which of these games will you be downloading for your little builder? And what other building games/apps does your kiddo love to play? Share your favorites with us!

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