Educational Cartoons that Boost Your Kiddo's Word Skills

So all you need is 30 minutes to just get something done or to recharge for the rest of the day – but what are you going to do with the little one? Sure, relying on the TV as a babysitter constantly isn’t good for your child, but 30 minutes is well within the doctor-approved time frame, right?  Besides, you don’t have to feel guilty... There are plenty of great educational cartoons out there that are so fun, learning comes naturally!

The next time you need that critical 30 minutes of me-time, have them tune in to one of these shows and boost their language skills:

A World of Words

Join Dog, Pig, Bear, and Frog among others in the lively Word World, where everyone and everything is made up of letters.  Dog’s body, for example, is created by the letters D-O-G so your little ones can see the word “dog” as they follow his adventures. This show ties together the sounds and shapes of each word for a lesson that’s both phonetic and visual.

In each episode, the animals focus on a specific word or sound.  Your kiddo will watch as letters of a word come together and then transform into the object the word represents. They’ll not only be learning to read, they’ll love the adventure.  

The words in this show can take many forms. They can come to life, save the day and become your child’s best friend. With repetition, catchy songs, vibrant colors and adorable characters, your toddler and preschooler will be captivated.  What more can you ask for from a cartoon!?

A Story of Fairy Tale Adventure

Travel to a faraway land with the Super Readers and solve problems in the fairytale world of Super Why! Your little one will love modern, kid-friendly versions of fairy tale characters like Princess Pea/Princess Presto and Little Red Riding Hood/Wonder Red. Along with Alpha Pig and Whyatt Beanstalk, each of the super readers has a special power that enables them to make letters, words, spell and read.  

The Super Readers travel through familiar, classic stories such as The Three Little Pigs and Jack and the Beanstalk to solve a problem.  In each episode, your children will learn letter recognition, sounds, pronunciation, synonyms and antonyms, as well as rhyming.  They’ll solve fairytale problems and learning real-world language skills.

The show will also teach your kiddos lessons in friendship, teamwork, and respect.  Filled with cute characters, classic stories, educational fun and catchy songs, this is one show that your preschooler will not want to miss!

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

Becky’s not just an ordinary girl, she’s a crime-fighting superhero with a colossal vocabulary in Word Girl! She’ll impress your little ones with her powerful artillery of grown-up words (and her ability to fly). Along with her sidekick, Captain Huggy Face (the name is as adorable as this chimp), they’ll save the city from catastrophe time and time again, throwing around some pretty tough words in the process.

If a name like Huggy Face isn’t enough to get your kids watching, the bad guys will have them hooked.  With silly villains such as Dr. Two Brains, Chuck the Evil Sandwich-Making Guy, and the incorrigible Granny May, your kids will be loving every adventure and racking up the vocabulary.  WARNING: You and the other adults are really going to have to step up the act the next time you try to speak in grown up code words around your kid.  Chances are after watching a few of these episodes, they’ll be onto what you’re talking about!

Is TV a no-no in your home or do educational cartoons get a pass?

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Nikki M
Both of my kids LOOOOOVED Super Why!