4 Vegan Instagram Moms That'll Inspire You to Go Plant-Based

Three Maui mamas and one Golden Coast gourmet are sure to be added to your Friday follows as soon as you see how lusciously they live their lives while juggling jobs and parenting partnerships, and whipping up the most yummy soups, salads, dinners and desserts you’ll see this side of Utopia. You get a little bit of everything with these popular posters, from beach-bumming to fun family time in the kitchen.


Ellen Fisher: Vegan family • Maui life • Home birther • God is love

Ellen’s a happy, healthy wife and mom, soaking up the sunshine in Maui. Her photos are envy-inducing (you should see her bikini bod) but they are so warm and loving, you won’t be jealous… you’ll be inspired! Ellen has been a vegan for 10 years, and she says she’s “never going back! Healed my disordered eating, acne, digestive issues + gained more vitality and energy and can eat until I’m totally satisfied (no more calorie restriction, no more mind games to try to eat less to stay thin!)” Ellen’s sons Sandy and Elvis are the stars of her Instagram, and they are an inspiration too: the boys love kale!


Andrea: Plant Based Hawaii Earth Admirer Plant Over Processed • Sustainable Living Vegan Recipes 'n Tips • Mum Wifey • NS, Hawaii • Where Focus Goes Energy Flows

Andrea and her hunky hubby have two rambunctious little boys and they live on the North Shore of Oahu. “I moved here as a teenager from the plains of Saskatchewan, Canada. My heart always belonged in the tropics!” she says. And she is making the most of her unique paradise, as you will see on her awesome Insta. She gets tons of comments and questions, but seldom answers – and who can blame her? Playing on those sandy shores and eating healthy homemade snacks is a lot better way to while away the hours! She does provide recipes for her delish dishes (we want to try her Soul Soup with spice infused coconut curry!).


Amanda Esparza: Maui based, Mompreneur fueled by plants, click to get your own ‘Why I'm Vegan’ necklace”

This earthy, Etsy mama shows off pics of her cool, crafty jewelry, cute kiddies, and scrumptious-looking vegan dishes. Amanda says, “Every time I open up a piece of fruit I'm like....wow. This is beautiful, haha! Especially papaya and avos. In that case I'm like damn! Sexy! *runs for the camera* I know I'm not the only one that can't control photographing all my food. Who's with me?! Whole, unprocessed foods are beautiful!!!!!” Amanda posts pics of she and her hubby kissing, her breastfeeding her baby, and she isn’t shy about showing everyone how she is happy and secure in living her healthy life. We applaud that!


Sophie Steevens: “Raw Plant Based living reversed my Auto Immune Disease! Website coming soon | Recipes ~ Vegan ~ Mostly Raw Lifestyle ~ Mum ~ Family of 4”

I can't help but salivate when I scroll through Sophie's colorful feed. And this is coming from a person who usually thinks "vegan" = rabbit food and "raw vegan" = !@#^$@#. Her dinnerware of choice? Coconut bowls! She fills them with scrumptious salads, acai smoothies, veggie noodles, cacao balls, ice cream of the non-dairy variety, chia pudding... Pretty much every superfood you have (or haven't) heard of. The best part? Her two very handsome tanned, blonde surfer boys seem to just scarf everything down. 

Who are some vegan beach mamas you follow on IG? Share your favorites with us!

Cover image via @earthyandy

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Nicki Kanwal
Hawaiian AND vegan? So so dreamy!