How to Turn Dead Time into Educational Time for Toddlers

Standing in line at the supermarket, long car, bus, train, plane rides, doctor’s office visits – every parents knows the anxiety of the dreaded waiting time situation. Your children are best-case-scenario anxious, squirmy, and worst case-scenario in full temper-tantrum mode. How can you not only avoid these lows during ‘dead time’, but use it to benefit your kids? Answer: Keep an arsenal of educational apps ready and waiting.

Technology Is a Learning Tool

Using technology like iPads and smartphones can certainly be considered a pacifier if overused. But the truth is, technology is here to stay. With most classrooms equipped with smart boards, smart devices, and computers, technology usage the moment they enter Kindergarten. In fact, more and more practice activities - not to mention tests - take place on computers and other electronic devices. So it’s important to teach children to feel empowered and comfortable using technology in a beneficial, healthily, and moderated way.

Finding the Right Educational Apps

Now to sort through the millions of apps that promise to make your child the next Einstein… Asking fellow parents and teachers is always helpful, plus many apps offer free “trial” versions so you can see if your kids enjoy the app before purchasing the full version. Look for apps that are top ranking in their purchase store have received prestigious awards like the Parents’ Choice Award.

What Makes a Good Toddler App?

Research has also shown their is a loose recipe of what makes-up an effective toddler app: sensory stimulation, repetition, lots of color, variation, and customization. Apps that utilize touch commands, sounds, and bright colors stimulate a multitude of senses and strengthen fine motor skills and coordination. When children learn a concept through several neurological pathways, they are more likely to retain that information. Variation of course keeps children entertained, which makes that repetition not feel so repetitious. And lastly, the ability to choose which games or levels to play or increase/decrease difficulty means a more tailor-made educational experience.

And because we know adults don’t like to wait either, here’s some toddler educational app suggestions for you:

  • Preschool EduPaintPreschool EduPaint is a fun toddler learning activity book that teaches a wide range of essential toddler learning skills, like colors. Kids play through a series of mini-activities and receive fun rewards every few games.

  • Preschool EduKittyAn adorable kitty cat guides young learners through this series of learning games that teaches colors, shapes, ABCs, 123s, and much more.

  • Preschool EduBirthdayWhat kids doesn’t want to have a birthday party everyday? Preschool EduBirthday is set at a colorful birthday party where toddlers learn and play, practicing skills like colors, numbers, shapes, sizes, directions, and more!

  • Preschool EduMath 2Preschool EduMath 2 is part 2 of the colorful educational app specially designed to teach children of every learning style shapes and measurements. Great for parents and teachers to teach basic shapes for 2 and 3 year olds in the classroom and on the go. Have fun while learning with these shape activities for children.

How do you make those dreaded wait times into a learning opportunity for the kids? Share your ideas with us!

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