Travel the World with 4 Globe-Trotting Instagram Moms

For those who feel like it’s a cross-country trek just to round up the kiddos for a drive across town, these mountain-moving moms from around the world are sure to inspire you. From deserts to beaches, and from famous landmarks to cozy bungalows, these four fun Instagrammers give you gorgeous glimpses into their lives and journeys – what’s more, their kids are absolutely adorbs! Jet the globe without having to leave the comfort of your couch with Marta, Sasha, Claudi, and Elizabeth.


Marta Greber: I eat good breakfasts and travel from time to time

Marta and her adorable daughter Mia live an enviable gypsy lifestyle, zipping from such exotic locations as Hong Kong, to New Zealand. Her sharp and vibrant lens catches everything from the smiles on the faces of fresh market vendors to bleak, sleek, rocky beaches where she and Mia hike and play. And yes, there are lots of drool-inducing, fresh and tasty breakfasts in her photos. What’s more, Marta writes casual, interesting, and chatty captions to go with her posts and she replies to everyone’s questions. 


Sasha: Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible. -Dalai Lama
Oakland, CA

Sasha travels the globe with her personality-plus little girl, Ellie. Ellie definitely marches to the beat of her own drummer: She says “meow” when she means “no” and she would rather play with tiny pebbles than look at one of the 7 Wonders of the World (Tulum Ruins). Mama posts lots of philosophical and inspirational quotes to with her photos, and she enjoys interacting with her followers in the comments. The stylish wanderer posts lots of outdoorsy pics, but also captures idyllic indoor moments in the warm, inviting places they stay while traveling.


Emma Louise Sophia: Raw tales and pretty pictures of a life by misadventure

You are going to want to drop everything and move to Marrakesh after seeing the stunning pics posted by Emma Louise Sophia. (And we’re not just talking about the Moroccan architecture!) Their lives in the North African metropolis is more than beautiful, but if you crave something more...this family is constantly on the go – traveling from the islands of Greece on to African safaris and through Europe.


Elizabeth Kirby:  stylist • cook • mama • traveler

Elizabeth is an expat from Tennessee, living a dream life in Paris, France. Her daughter just turned six months old, but already the blue-eyed babykins has more stamps in her passport than most of us. “So far in her short life she's been to New York, France, Morocco, and the U.K., and she’s headed to Italy & Japan in the coming months,” Elizabeth recently wrote, “I can't wait to watch her explore food, learn different languages, and see her remember more and more.” We will be there too, looking at all the fab photos! She uses the same dreamy, diffused filter on all of her pics, giving her Instagram an instantly-recognizable, uniform look. Très belle!

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