Your Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Wear It Proud Edition

Mother’s Day is coming up and your child really wants to get you something. They’ve already made the macaroni necklaces, greeting cards, and whatever project the school came up with this year. But they’ve also saved up some money and want to get a proper gift. And while it’s definitely true that it’s the thought that counts, there’s as much pleasure in gift-giving than receiving. You want them to experience that, right?

Relax. We’ve got you. Here are four fab wearable gifts sure to make kids feel just as proud as you do.

Mamacita Shirt by The Bee & The Fox

This loose-fitting classic white top is simple and to the point, with its simple message: “Mamacita”, which is embroidered in small script in a dark blue hue. Each item is pre-loved, and the script can be added to any item of apparel – check out their online store for alternatives.

One Good Mutha: Mere Soeur

Here’s a twist on the “bad mutha” catch phrase, sure to bring a grin to any mom’s face. “No need to subscribe to parenting styles or ideals. Doing your best? Then you're one of these,” says Mere Soeur. The pin radiates pink, positive vibes and has a clutch fastener to ensure it stays put.

Mama Bear / Baby Bear Necklaces from Rebekah Gough Jewelry

Wearing these pendants together is about as cute as it gets… but you can also separate them so mom and child can carry each other close to their hearts. All Mama and Baby Bears come on a 14k gold filled chain and the sterling silver on a sterling silver chain.

Mama Ring: Nora Kogan

This elegant, unassuming band of gold (14k or 18k) says it all with a simple, engraved endearment: “Mama” and a sparkling diamond chip. It’s a modest reminder of an enduring love.

What's on your wishlist this Mother’s Day? Share your gift ideas with us!

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Anya Henners
That Mamacita shirt