#FollowFriday Kids in the City: Instagram's NYC Moms

You know the lyrics that great old Frank Sinatra song. Well, if you follow these four moms on Instagram, you will definitely feel like you’re more than just a part of it because Nicole, Bella, Taza and Ilana are writers and photographers. Using their talents, they get right to the heart of having a family in the Big Apple through words and images in ways we love so much. So check these ladies out:


Nicole Gonzalez: nyc | lucas león • lillie sol | 

Nicole is a mama to a little boy and a toddler girl (Lucas León and Lillie Sol) living in NYC with her fiancé and a “fur kid” named Humph. In addition to being a social media strategist and model/stylist, she’s a Selena superfan, is fond of fashionable trench coats, and is a self-proclaimed expert on all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Though Nicole’s captions are usually kept to minimum, she did say something on International Women’s Day that we love: “I'm proud to be a Puerto Rican woman. I'm proud to be raising a daughter who will know she is strong, capable, intelligent, and magical. I'm proud to be raising a son who is loving, respectful, sensitive, and will believe in equality. I'm proud of my mother and honored to be her daughter. She is the hardest working person I know. She can tailor your pants and then grout your tub, install a ceiling fan, and cook you the best meal of your life to boot. So so proud today and always of the trail of magic all women leave wherever they go.”


Belle Augusta Savransky: Photographer / Storyteller Raising three kids in the East Village Embracing the chaos, finding the magic New Yorker always & forever

Belle is a high-end fashion photographer (her clients include everyone from Louis Vuitton to Osh Kosh) but this mother of three posts so much more than clothes and accessories on her personal Instagram account. It’s warm, inviting, fun, and gives not just a glimpse into her life but also the lives of those coming and going in the bustling city.

But honestly, it’s her insights and her thoughts – sometimes wistful – on being a mom that keeps us coming back for more. She recently posted this about her youngest son, Levon: “Definitely feeling the parenthood sands shifting lately, slowly moving out of the phase of "life with a baby" and into the path of "three thick as thieves children." Just as I was getting used to the welcome pockets of smooth sailing- getting a bit of work done while the baby naps, throwing the little one in the carrier to run around the city- Levon up and decides that he's suddenly ready to hang with the big kids, walk the city blocks, and have a whole plethora of opinions of his own. And I find myself stepping back and focusing more than ever on simply holding a space for them- an unapologetically chaotic yet patient space where they are free to be wild in their ways and to teach one another. I remember wanting nothing more than for my children to be close, really truly close, as I was with my two sisters growing up. And while I'm surprised by how unprepared I am to watch his babyhood fade away, I'm kind of in awe of the little dreamer and schemer he's growing into at the side of his brother and sister.”


Naomi Davis: Love Taza married to my best friend, raising our three little ones in New York City.

Naomi (also known as Taza) shares bits and pieces of her family's adventures in NYC. She enjoys celebrating motherhood, family, travel, good food, and life's simple joys. Though the family all shares a single bathroom in a small city apartment, they show their smiles to Taza’s camera (she’s a pro photog) and invite us along on their daily adventures which include everything from a trip to Paris to hunting for Easter baskets at the corner store.


Ilana Wiles: I don't have babies anymore. Still in denial. Author of Remarkably Average Parenting

Author and supermom Ilana sometimes posts contests and events on her page, but it never feels like a hard sell. She also posts lots of fun pics of her kiddoes, Mazzy and Harlow, at home and exploring the neighborhood. They travel a lot, which prompted one follower to ask how Ilana can let her kids miss school. But Ilana is just a great planner! She replied, “We are actually on spring break right now. The kids aren't missing any school. San Diego was over Presidents' Day weekend so they didn't miss any days then either. They missed two days for Mont Tremblant and Disney but we really try to arrange things so they aren't missing school much at all.”

Who are some NYC moms you follow on Instagram? Share your favorites with us!

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