6 Cute Cooking Apps for Your Kid Chef

So your kiddo’s a whiz in the kitchen – they enjoy piling up their Sunday pancakes with all the fixin’s, know how to build the ultimate cheese and charcuterie plate for an afterschool snack, and occasionally—okay, always—adjusts the seasoning when you’re cooking dinner.

On the rare occasion they aren’t in the kitchen whipping up something incredible, here are some fun apps to keep them entertained:

Street Food Maker! – Food Truck! Kids Cooking Game

With food trucks being ultra-trendy and ultra-ultra-ubiquitous these days, ever wonder what it would be like to have your own? Download Street Food Maker! – Food Truck! Kids Cooking Game (yes, that really is the title), and your kiddo will get to create their very own truck and serve stuff like pizza, French fries, snow cones, and more.

This game isn’t just about recipes and ingredients – YOU’RE the star! It’s all about you, your food truck, and whatever the heck you want to serve up. Get creative and be unique… just feed those hungry customers!

Cooking Mama

A fun game that’s easy to play, Cooking Mama serves up tons of fun. Conjure up amazing (or weird) creations by combining ingredients or even entire recipes (remember that episode of Friends where Rachel makes a trifle?).

Simply use your finger to chop vegetables, slice meat, flip food in a pan, and then arrange them however you’d like on the plate. For a future chef who wants a challenge – and has a creative side – this is the perfect app.

School Lunch Food!

Wouldn’t it be dreamy if you didn’t have to wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning to prepare your kiddo’s lunch every single weekday? Give them a gentle hint and download School Lunch Food! (yes, a lot of these cooking games are all about the exclamations).

This fast-paced cooking game offers up some serious responsibilities – not only will they have to whip up lunch for themselves, they’ll also have to serve all their classmates (how’d you like it now, son?). Prepare hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta, and more – but be warned, it’s not that easy! These lunches take preparation, from cleaning and chopping veggies to frying crispy tater tots. Don’t forget the sides! It’s a race against the clock to get the school lunch out on time. Keep an eye on your dishes as they cook… they will burn. 

Crazy Dessert Maker – Make, Decorate & Eat!

If you’ve got a crazy sweet tooth, check out Crazy Dessert Maker – Make, Decorate & Eat! Whip up treats like Crazy Cake Bowl, Churros, Cinnamon Rolls, Deep Fried Ice Cream, Deep Fried Sponge Cake, and a Mystery Dessert (Are you drooling yet?). With plenty of baking tools and crazy decorations, this game is a serious blast.

Cookbook Master

Does your future chef love experimenting with new ingredients? Cookbook Master is the app for them! You start off as a kitchen noob with only a few utensils and ingredients; as you complete recipes, you earn stars and unlock more ingredients and recipes (which are the real deal, btw – use the cookbook and follow the step-by-step instructions).

With over 40 ingredients and over 30 recipes, there’s more than enough to keep your little chef entertained while gaining the knowledge to prepare delicious dishes. 

Cooking Fever

Interested in cooking interesting meals and scrumptious desserts from all over the world? Look no further than Cooking Fever! Put your skills to the test as you visit 13 different locations to cook a variety of meals – fast food, Chinese cuisine, oyster bars (I know, wut??), you name it. Set up your restaurant however you like, and design it to your heart’s delight. Use different cooking appliances such as a rice cooker, coffee maker, pizza oven, and more. Customers will be lining up at the door as you create a variety of mouthwatering dishes.

Proud of your accomplishments? Go ahead and share it with your friends and family on Facebook. The app offers never-ending fun thanks to all the ongoing upgrades. So catch the fever and get cooking!

What apps does your budding chef love to play? Share your favorites with us!

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