These Slow Living Instagram Moms Make It Look So Easy

If you’re tired of traffic-jams, sick of city sounds, and fed up with fast food, then you need to take a green, easygoing virtual vacay with these slow-living rural moms. Makelle, Renata, Kay, and Katrien know how to live large with bountiful basics, and they happily share everything from their favorite recipes to video diaries, giving a glimpse into their perfect slow living lifestyles.


Katrien: Living a slow, handmade life in an old Italian farmhouse on a windy hill with twin boys, our little wolfie, and the man I love.

Katrien lives on a blissfully beautiful farm, where she raises chickens, grows food for her family, knits from her own sheep’s wool and goes for leisurely walks in the country. We’re not making that up: Katrien actually exists! Sounds too good to be true but she and her kids, hubby, and dog live the natural life to the fullest and you can too – vicariously, anyway – as you follow their gentle adventures in rural Italy.


Kay Haupt: single mama | writer | fiber artist | worry wart I like herbs + Outlander Iowa Co-owner + blogger

Kay is teaching her toddler son Tad about the simpler things in life. Recently, she took him to an Amish farm, where he could meet the cows and see what it’s like to live without technology of any kind. Kay knits clothes for him, and she gives him handmade wooden toys to play with. She built a greenhouse on their property, and he is her helper. If the smile on her son’s face is any indication: she is doing everything just right!


Renata Bueno Gelfi: Chicago-Winnetka Passionate Mama • Making Memories & Pursuing Dreams • Sharing Thoughts & Love”

Renata and her daughters clearly love the country life, whether it’s indoors or out. Their home is so woodsy and cozy, and their clothes and furniture so timeless, it feels like being softly immersed in history as you browse her Insta and enjoy all the little stories Renata writes. “Today's afternoon was so perfect: Started with a freshly baked carrot cake and ended up with sledding and playing in the snow,” marks a typical winter day in the lives of the Gelfis. We wonder if there’s room for one more on that sled?


Makelle Ahlin: Keep your face always toward the sunshine and the shadows will fall behind you – Walt Whitman. / Utah / Mama / Wife.

Wild and free is Makelle’s parenting philosophy, and raising her two boys (soon to be three) with plenty of time to play freely is a priority. She believes in collecting moments, not things, and so many of those magnificent moments are captured for all of us to see. Her home in Utah boasts beachy bodies of water, wondrous woods, and stunning sunsets.

Who are some slow-living moms you follow on IG? Share your favorites with us!

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