#FollowFriday: Travel Europe with These Instagram Moms

Instagram is the premier place to showcase life as a business woman, a super-fan, a traveler, fashionista, foodie, and of course, best of all: a mom. Some women are all of these – and it’s even more fun when they’re in faraway lands. Scroll down and get inspired by these amazing European women and their children!

@me_and_orla (UK)

Sara Tasker: UK • iPhone6s + Canon 7D • photographer & iPhonographer, but secretly a writer • Instagram coach • tweets

Sara is an internet entrepreneur, an influencer, blogger, podcaster, and… mum to a precious little girl. Sara’s Instagram shows off her country home, the British countryside, and dreamy pics of herself and her mini-me. Many of her posts point to her blog, which is wonderful – her musings on everything from her own childhood to things most folks don’t talk about (“The Boredom of Parenthood” is one topic she tackled recently) are truly touching.

@curls.and.waves (Russia)

Natali Brodach: St. Petersburg, family, home - Insta coach

Natali’s text is all in Cyrillic, but if a picture is worth a thousand words (in English) then you will be able to tell exactly what she’s up to. Natali’s adorable blonde-haired toddler son is often her model to show off outfits she’s made or handcrafted goodies of all kinds. The soft, inviting blue-color theme is what really sets her pics apart from the rest.

@sannehop (Netherlands)

Spare, elegant, pastel photographs featuring nicely-composed negative space might seem chilly upon description, but Sanne’s pictures are warm and inviting. Dolls and wooden toys, along with live green plants, accent her very Dutch décor. Sanne keeps her personal info on the D/L, but we can see from her feed that she’s got four kiddos, who always appear quite focused on their playtime activities, whether it’s painting Easter eggs or having an impromptu tea party with the dolls.

@lamblovesfox (UK)

Lamb Loves Fox: A boy, a girl and their snap-happy mummy. Babiekins Contributor.

Behind Lamb Loves Fox is a mum photographer who specializes in pregnancy portraits, family snaps, and stunningly beautiful shots of children. On her Instagram, she focuses primarily on her own kiddos – a girl and a boy, who look like they belong in a storybook – as well as giving great advice through the prism of her lens (her daughter recently modeled a message tee stating: Pick flowers, not fights.)


A post shared by anna | berlin (@anna.cor) on

@anna.cor (Germany)

Anna: Berlin freelance stylist & photographer // all things beautiful, my home and moments of my life // creator of #flowerslovethedark”

Anna’s pics are often of flowers (blooming, and dried), bouquets (growing, and picked), wreaths and sachets – so gorgeously arranged and composed, you’ll swear you can smell their sweet perfume. Anna’s daughter – who looks like an adorable elf – poses in most of the pics… but we do get the occasional glimpse of Anna herself (who’s as pretty as her posies).

@allthatisshe (UK)

Dominique UK • Capsule Wardrobe coach • Instagram influencer & growth mentor •

Dominique and her two girls are all about fun! Their photos, mostly posed but a few candids, are full of whimsy and joy. The ladies love to craft together, face-painting and illustrations, braid hair, and share the easygoing good times. Dominique doles out tips, recipes for good treats, and info on sustainable and ethical clothing brands.

@thejnr (Sweden)

Helena Schütz: (Swedish). Mother of two. Art Director. Based in Copenhagen. Founder of Vesle Universe - culture/food/deco/style for the modern family.

Helena’s Instagram has lots of pics of cappuccino on it – already we are hooked, but the cream in the coffee are her posts showing her cute kids playing, being silly, jumping on the bed, and (yes, sometimes) quietly reading. There are also shots showing Copenhagen’s stunning sea port, the fabled city (where Hans Christian Andersen once hung his hat), and Helena’s warm, inviting home.

@wunderblumen (Germany)

Wunderblumen: Living in an old house with my family....loving beauty around me and in my heart!

Though “Wunderblumen” is in Germany, her flowery posts are written in English. She recently shared family vacation pics taken in the big city of Berlin, but most of her imagery is close to her country home. The family has a beautiful black cat, is surrounded by blossoming trees in the springtime, and a home that is just so inviting and cozy!

Who are some European moms you follow on Instagram? Share your favorites with us!

Cover via lamblovesfox.com

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