#FollowFriday: Instagram Moms with Quite the Green Thumb

These earthy moms know all about kids… and cacti. Not to mention roses, ferns, and philodendrons. They keep their green thumbs pointed mostly indoors, but Terra, Justina, Federica, and Tanya each share their different plant personalities via gorgeous pics that would make any black thumb green with envy. Check them out on Instagram and enjoy everything from plant and real babies to expert interior design tips.


Terra: Motherhood Blog Where you go, I go too
Parenthood. Plants. Love. PPD survivor.

Terra LaRock is wife to Perry and mother to Winter. The small family has a Husky called Rio, and they all love the beautiful blooms from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado they call home. Perry has a degree in landscape architecture, and he taught Terra everything she knows about gardening… which is a lot! We are green with envy at the sight of her superb succulents and overflowing flowers. Although Terra doesn’t shy away about discussing her post-partum depression, her Instagram is lively and refreshing. 


Justina Blakeney: Designer + Artist Author of The New Bohemians
Founder of @TheJungalow + @JustinaBlakeneyHome
Mama to Ida and many, many planties

Justina’s account shows a good plant-to-human ratio – you get a bit of both, with combinations of the two, and some fun quizzes and questions to spark discussion thrown in for good measure. She certainly knows what she’s talking about: she is an L.A.-based designer whose bestselling book, The New Bohemians, defines these folks as creative individuals who are boutique owners and bloggers, entrepreneurs, artists and urban farmers. Her adorable daughter, Ida, is often the focal point in her colorful pics. 


Federica Molini: Arte Bohème Interior design & thrift lover
Baby chaser

Federica spends her sunny Miami days with her toddler son Federico on her hip, a leash in her hand, and some extra scrunchies on her wrist for her husband's unruly hair. Celebrating motherhood, interior design projects, and painting activities, her Instagram story shows the seamless merge between her lifestyle and her livelihood. 


Tanya: Wife • Mama to 4 • Interior/product stylist
Snapshots of my home & my loves • Light&bright
Simplicity meets boho

Tanya puts a Southwestern twist to her jungle of plants and flowers – and she’s even got a tassel chandelier. How cool is that? Also, she loves rugs more than anyone we’ve ever met… you’ve gotta see her collection. She lives to unplug and show her children (and us!) how much fun it is to enjoy time outdoors. A recent post says, “We played like it was a 1970s summer all weekend...every moment possible outside - at the pool, running around barefoot, jumping on the trampoline, playing croquet, BBQs, eating popsicles and going to bed worn out and dirty!” 

Who are some of your favorite plant moms to follow on Instagram? Share your favorites with us!

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