#FollowFriday: Instagram Foodie Dads who Make Our Mouths Water

Think foodie dad and you’re probably imagining a man who’s jumping on the latest Insider Food trend with a bucket list of places to eat. But these pops are different… they love to eat and cook! Yeah, they barbecue. But they go way beyond that cliché, too. Sharing recipes, cooking videos, idyllic family photos, and so much more – these are four foodie dads well worth following.


Matt | husband • dad • explorer • maker of things. food & lifestyle blogger sharing bites of kitchen adventures & family with @bakersroyale_naomi

Matt makes everything from smoky barbecued slabs of meat to fresh-fruit after school snacks, and we get to see it all on his Instagram – then, if you want the recipe, they’re just a click away on his blog. You might wonder if the food tastes as good as it looks… or maybe not: after all, the smiles on the faces of his two sons are pretty hard to miss! For even more yum, you can follow Matt’s wife, Naomi, who is a master baker and pâtissier.


Derek | Follow me for easy to make recipes to gather the family at the dinner!

Derek, who admits he suffers from “man-bun-itis” has always enjoyed cooking, even when he was a kid. “It’s watching something come together from individual ingredients in its raw form to something totally different and wonderful that really excites me,” he says. Derek, a millennial, says part of his mission on Instagram is to change the statistic that only 23% of his generation actually have sit-down dinners with their kids. We do see the occasional snap of Derek’s young son and his wife, but mostly it’s unabashed foodporn – everything from spicy shrimp tacos to ice cream cake.


Gerry Speirs | Food blogger/Photographer Stay-at-home dad to two crazy kids Long Beach CA

Cherry muffins loaded with dark chocolate chunks. That’s really all you need to know, but we’ll elaborate. Gerry, a stay-at-home dad and chef who lives in Long Beach, shares truly mouth-watering pics and recipes daily. There are very few pics of his kiddos, but the trade-off: videos of the aforementioned truly mouthwatering dishes!


Nick | 2016 SAVEUR Blog Awards Winner (Best Food Instagram) - Readers' Choice

Nick does not kid around – he’s in it to win it (and he has! Reader’s Choice, Best Instagram Food). But we win too, by getting an eyeful of the most decadent, delightful dishes ever. His chimichurri chicken tacos with grilled corn, Swiss chard and griddled Oaxacan cheese are like nothing we’ve ever seen! On occasion, Nick gives us a glimpse into his family life by sharing pics of his adorable sons and his wife, a PR Consultant.

Who are some foodie dads you follow on Instagram? Share your favorites with us!

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