#FollowFriday: Instagram Moms That Captivate with Moody Pics

These Moody Moms are not morose – in fact, they are joyous and celebratory of their families and their surroundings – they just go about expressing themselves in a more subtle way than most. There’s Christine, an ex-pat living in China with her large family and sporting an ever heart; then Hanna in Alaska, whose writings are as eloquent as her imagery; Twyla, whose views of her kiddos frolicking in Florida are breathtaking to say the least, even in muted shades of gray; and finally, Heidi, a pro photographer in Alaska with kids who run wild in the natural beauty that is her family’s backyard.


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“I hope I can fade into the background and you can stay awhile and feel at home,” says Christine. Her purpose for Instagramming is the hope that “you can find something of interest that makes you think or feel a bit more about what this thing is we are all a part of; becoming fully human and living into our lives in a world made and entered into by God.” American-born Christine lives and teaches in China, with her husband and kiddoes. She often shares tranquil photos of her family, the lake, and locals.


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Hanna writes heartfelt stories to her children and her husband that go with each beautiful image. “You come in with the wind and small hands bearing gifts. The gap in your teeth, the upward turn of your lip, the raven black of your eyes shining like summer moons: these are my heritage, the images that I will carefully cut into little locket-sized shapes and carry in my heart, your heart, and your pockets full of painted flowers.” The photos, taken mostly in Alaska are at once dreamy and striking.


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Twyla is a professional photog of families whose credo is, “It is my desire to create photographs that do more than serve as proof that you existed, I want to show that you lived passionately and loved madly.” She walks the talk by sharing some amazing photos of her own lovely family frolicking in Florida.


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Heidi is a professional photographer and while her pics are slick, there’s real warmth and love shining through each one. She’s mommy to young kiddos who love to explore the wilderness that is their backyard in Alaska. In her feed, she sometimes writes beautiful words to go with her dreamy imagery. An ode to her daughter: “Your hair is a cape behind you, running full tilt toward the ice blue mountain water. The last time I was here, you were still a dream in my heart, a small miracle deep in my belly. Today, I watch you boulder ancient rocks, barefoot and laughing, toes curled into the soft moss growing in the sun.”

Who are some of your favorite Moody Moms on IG? Share with us!

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