#FollowFriday: Funny IG Moms That Will Brighten Your Day

These moms have a sense of humor and the photographic evidence to back it up. We know that sometimes adulting can make you wanna cry, but these ladies help remind us there’s such a thing as tears of laughter.

Celeste does an outrageous pop-culture satire to express herself as a parent and a female who must somehow reconcile the two. Lisa is a humorist and a blogger with two young daughters whose pearls of wisdom are quoted with the hashtag #shitmykidsays; Tiffany’s giggle-inducing gram is every bit as fashionable as her name; and Chloe's life is like an Oeuf showroom with 5 kids running amok...

These mamas are the perfect pick-me-up!


Celeste Barber | Actor. Comedian. Writer. Lady.

Celeste is a riot – she sometimes posts pics and vids of her kids, but this account really is about sending up images from pop culture and turning them on their airbrushed ears. She often has side-by-side comparisons of herself vs. supermodels and the result is hilarious. In a recent clap-back, Celeste posed exactly the same as a Victoria’s Secret model doing yoga in the kitchen and it was epic. Definitely a must-see mom to follow for laughs and straight-up social commentary.


Lisa B. |Professional Kid Quoter. Amateur mother of two. Perpetually awkward. Bit sweary. Mostly breeze. #shitmykidsays 

Lisa is a laugh-a-minute – she quotes her precious daughters Alice and Isla and uses the hashtag #shitmykidsays Lisa’s ‘gram centers mostly on her kids and every day, observational humor… but she does show her vulnerable side as well. In a recent post, she shared musings on whether or not to have a third baby even though her doctor suggested it wouldn't be good for her health.


Tiffany Beveridge | Author of How to Quinoa: Life Lessons from My Imaginary Well-Dressed Daughter

If only all quinoa could be imaginary. Tiffany takes trends, turns them into comedy gold, and spoon-feeds them to us. She takes or/and finds pics of tots (her imaginary kids) in chic or hoity-toity settings, then writes funny captions to go along with the image. An offshoot of her popular Pinterest, @imaginary_quinoa will take you on a tour of high fashion hilarity with a glimpse into the life of the world’s most influential toddlers, plus tips and practices to transform your own existence from snore to roar.


Chloe | Mother of five living in England / Uber Kid / [email protected] www.uberkid.net

Chloe has it all: 5 gorgeous and extremely stylish kiddos, a modern home with ALL the toys, books, and natural light, and a husband with a beautiful head of hair. Her feed is like a lookbook for all the kid brands you follow in IG... That is, if lookbooks weren't so staged and sterile. Chloe tells it like it is, and her posts depict what it's really like to be a mom – tantrums, messes, and those looong hours that drag – albeit against an envy-inducing backdrop. LOVE her!

Who are some funny moms you follow on Instagram? Share your favorites with us!

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