#FollowFriday: Girl Moms Who Are Raising Their Best Friends

“Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of,” goes the old nursery rhyme. We have the proof right here – you won’t be able to resist the daughters of these bloggers, photographers, floral artists, and writers! These ladies take you on a tour from Australia to Texas, showing off everything from a pet piggy to pigtails in bows made for charitable giving:


JUSTINE | Wifey • Mama to three girls • Western Australia • Babiekins Mag contributor

Justine’s photos capture the everyday joys of being a wife (married for 10 years) and mum to three girls – Adele, Olivia, and Penelope – ranging in ages from eight to eight months (or somewhere thereabouts!). Justine and her tribe of little ladies enjoy activities from playing dress-up indoors to galloping on the beach in bare feet.


VirginiaHK | A visual mix tape of all my favorite things. So, mostly family and flower pics.

Virginia, her hubs and their delightful 5-year-old daughter Lulu have pet pigs, love to play, do math and read, and yes… there are lots of flowers! Virginia makes temporary art with fresh flowers – but on Instagram, they live forever.


Ellie Juarez | Living/learning Fort Worth Texas

Ellie’s two little ladies are having a great time cuddling cats, eating pizza, playing in new outfits, whispering secrets… all the stuff girls adore. Ellie’s online kiddie clothing shop, Arlo and Imus, factors into the images... but it’s easy to see the kiddoes love their threads, and it’s inspiring to see a mom who is so on the ball and has a heart for charity. Kudos!


kim watson | Creative type || Wife || 3 Daughters || Sharing Editing Tips

Kim enjoy sharing stories of the joys found in a simple life in Nevada, her photo editing tips (the before-and-afters are quite something!), and offering a look into her life with her husband and their three young daughters. This is quite the fashionable family, so you’ll be pleased that Kim lets everyone know who made the clothes, accessories, and super-cute toys. Beyond that, Kim is candid: “This parenting gig often leaves me feeling pretty defeated and feeling like I need to just get away for a while. That's the funny thing about needs though. Once you have them met, you realize you don't really need them.”

Who are some of your favorite girl moms on IG? Share your #FollowFriday list with us!

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