#FollowFriday: Instagram Moms with Free Range Kids

Follow these slow-living mamas for inspiration and virtual relaxation. Louise in Denmark’s travel pics are glorious, while Renee doesn’t have to leave her farm in NSW to find stunning beauty. Then there’s Johnna, an author and chef, and Cat, who loves to knit and do crafty stuff. All have daughters, and a couple have babies on the way – but what unites these moms and makes them worth following is their clear, concise look at life in the slow lane through dreamy imagery and wise words.


Louise: Denmark
Travel • Decor • Family • Just Me

Louise is a mom from Denmark who loves to travel with her family. A prolific poster, Louise shows off pics of her two beautiful girls – not to mention flowers, food, and fun several times daily. She works for Bisgaard shoes (“Danish design, quality materials, and great comfort”) but her free-rein kiddoes are often photographed barefoot as they run through blooming meadows, go swimming and sunbathing, and relax at home.


Renee Mulcahy: Photographer Mumma
Raising 3 beautiful horse mad girls on our Angus Stud Property

“Motherhood simplified” is Renee’s motto. She walks the talk by showing us her simple, yet beautiful and full life on a ranch, raising her three young daughters – a blonde, a brunette and a redhead! Since Renee is a professional photographer, her pics are postcard perfect. We get an inside glimpse into what it’s like to raise little girls with their own horses, a litter of new puppies, and a whole herd of cattle right outside the door to their charming house.


Johnna: Nature-er | Nurture-er
Author of cookbook 'Tales from a Foragers Kitchen'

Here’s a slow-living, woodsy, foodie mom with her own cookbook and photos of the mouthwatering recipe ingredients. She’s got two young daughters, and a baby on the way. Johnna wrote recently about cutting back on showing her kids online too much, and is trying to strike a balance between privacy, sharing her life, and sponsored posts.


Cat: "Learning to live locally will provide answers to most of our
outstanding ecological and social crises" -Nancy & Michael Phillips

Cat is mom to one daughter, with another little one on the way, and married to a like-minded man who is often in her pics. Cat’s captions are long and detailed, giving the follower a real sense of who she is, and what she’s thinking and feeling. She loves to knit and weave, and lives off the land as much as possible.

Who are some simple living moms you follow on IG? Share your favorites with us!

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